Longevity Medical Health Center is Arizona's leading naturopathic and integrative medical health center.  Our office has been providing exceptional patient care in Arizona since 1984.  We offer a wide range of personalized medical services to our patients and provide excellent care for people of all ages. As integrative medicine leaders, our team of physicians can expertly guide patients towards optimal health using the best of both naturopathic and conventional medicine. Find out more about Longevity Medical and the services we offer by exploring our website, attending one of our lectures, or by contacting our office directly.

Men's Health

At Longevity Medical we want to change men's attitudes about going to the doctor. Our approach is to create a relationship with our patients founded on respect, careful listening, and effective cutting-edge treatments.

Women's Medicine

There is a lot to consider with Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. Women have special needs but what's right for one may not be the best thing for another. We treat every patient as an individual with specific care.

Pain Management

Treating chronic pain is a complex issue, because there are a number of factors that contribute to its development and persistence. Pain is not a life style and addictive drugs are not the best or only answer! Natural remedies aid in comfort.

Cancer Support

Integrative medicine along with conventional care provide the best alternative cancer treatments at our Arizona center. Naturopathic Oncologists agree that you can't treat the body without the proper treatments of the mind, and soul.

Why choose Longevity Medical Health Center?  Longevity Medical has been working to keep Phoenix healthy for over 30 years.  Not all of our patients come from Arizona.  We routinely see patients from all over the country who choose to come to Longevity Medical for our expert naturopathic doctors.  We often see patients from outside the country as well.  Si, por su puesto, hablamos espanol!

Our naturopathic physicians have over 70 years of combined experience.  The physicians at Longevity Medical are leaders in their field.  Our doctors are medical school professors, authors, medical conference presenters, and volunteers.  The doctors of Longevity Medical have been voted as Top Docs in Phoenix numerous times.

At Longevity Medical Health Center we truly care about our patients.  Our patients frequently provide testimonials such as "I've never had a doctor take so much time with me." Or, I'm so happy to have found a doctor who I can talk with- instead of being talked at."  If you are looking for a better doctor/patient relationship then Longevity Medical is for you.

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