Be Prepared For Flu Season

Posted by admin at 6:16 PM on Aug 11, 2018


Kids are back to school and you know what that means, GERM CITY is coming to your home. Staying healthy this flu season starts now. In naturopathic medicine we have a saying, Its not the bug, its the terrain. Have you ever wondered why one person gets the flu and another does not? It is because of the terrain; our internal terrain plays a big part of why we get sick or not. Is your terrain ready for the up coming flu season?

Heartshape fruits and vegetables


Health comes with how we treat ourselves and from what we put in our bodies. Lots of veggies in our diet give us the minerals and vitamins we need to be healthy. So, the first line of defense is a healthy diet and clean food free of pesticides and chemicals. Did you know that zinc binds to the same receptor that the flu virus binds to in order to enter a cell? This is the reason that many cold and flu items contain zinc. Oral spray zinc supplements are great for blocking the transmission of the flu virus.

Zinc is also important for over 100 enzymatic reactions in our bodies, so having an adequate amount of zinc is essential to keep us healthy and safe. We dont store zinc in our bodies so foods that contain zinc should be eaten on a daily basis. The best source for zinc by far is oysters. The next best food item is beef, as in chuck roast (organic and hormone free should go without saying!). Many grains have high levels of zinc but also contain phytates, that will bind zinc and inhibit its absorption. Staying away from grains might be a good thing at least with zinc rich foods.

Do you know if you are vitamin D deficient? If not, you should know, because 75% of the population is Vitamin D deficient. Vitamin D is essential to for optimal immune function. Vitamin D is now considered a pro-hormone instead of a vitamin, which means it has a lot more responsibility in the body then previously thought. Vitamin D receptors are actually present on our immune cells and a deficiency can make us susceptible to infection. Remember that terrain thing? Vitamin D levels can be easily checked with a blood test, as can zinc, at my office. In fact many people elect to incorporate a comprehensive vitamin and mineral assessment into their yearly naturopathic health examination.

Ginger tea with lemon. honey and tumeric for detox

seasoning and spices

Lots of seasoning and spices are great to boost the immune system. Do you like garlic? If you answered yes, then congratulations because it is a great antimicrobial and can protect you from not only vampires this Halloween but also the flu. Sage is another plant with strong antibacterial and anti-viral properties. Other common garden plants with anti-viral properties include rosemary and lemon balm, both of which make a great tasting and refreshing tea.

If you like hot and spicy flavors then cayenne pepper can help clear up mucus in the digestive tract. Both the flu and cold virus use this mucus to hide in, so clearing out the mucus will also help clear out the viruses.

If you do contract the flu virus, call Longevity Medical ASAP, as there are many ways we can help get you get well quickly.


Article contributed by Dr. Michelle McConnell