Frozen Shoulder isn't Cool!

Posted by admin at 5:23 PM on Aug 11, 2018


Anyone with experience with frozen shoulder, otherwise known as adhesive capsulitis, will tell you that it is no walk in the park. Even with the best treatments, the pain and limitation can last for years! The statistics show that up to 5% of the population will suffer from this condition in their lives, leading to prolonged disability and decreased productivity. Frozen shoulder is more common in women and in people aged 40-60. Frozenshoulder may develop on its own with no prior injury or may be secondary to an underlying issue, such as a rotator cuff tear.


What exactly causes frozen shoulder is not well understood, but what typically happens is that inflammation develops in the joint capsule leading to the formation of adhesions. These adhesions limit the range of motion and cause significant pain and stiffness. Most patients will say that their pain is worse at night and interferes with their sleep, which just makes everything worse.


The good news is that in addition to standard medical treatments, such as cortisone injections, physical therapy and surgery, there is much for naturopathic medicine to offer.  Specific anti-inflammatory diets and herbs can help with the underlying inflammation, while in-office treatments such as acupuncture, trigger point therapy or prolotherapy can treat the shoulder directly. We find the best results when both internal treatments, such as an anti-inflammatory diet and supplements, are used in conjunction with the in-office treatments.


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Contributed by Dr. Tracy Magerus