Heel Pain Stopping You in Your Tracks?

Posted by admin at 5:18 PM on Aug 11, 2018


Do you suffer from severe foot/heel pain when you wake up and step out of bed in the morning? If this pain results from plantar fasciitis then it usually loosens up after a little bit of walking and becomes tolerable but almost always returns. About 10% of the population suffers from this common condition and it is especially prevalent in runners.


The standard of care includes leg/foot stretches, orthotic inserts for shoes, cortisone injections that ultimately wear off and weaken the connective tissue and/or physical therapy. The wrong shoes can lead to a flare of severe plantar fasciitis so this needs to be addressed as well especially in chronic cases. Carrying around extra weight is another risk factor so weight loss is essential in those who are overweight.



Naturopathic options for treating plantar fasciitis are very effective and multiple modalities can be combined to enhance the treatment efficacy. First line therapy is to use weight loss, icing, stretching and having your shoes fitted correctly along with anti-inflammatory diets and supplements. This may improve the symptoms in most sufferers. For those that do not improve, using radial pulse therapy, acupunctureinfrared heatprolotherapy and/or massage therapy will boost the results.


Talk to your naturopathic doctor about these options and find the right combination of therapies to get you the relief you deserve!



Article contributed by Dr. Tracy Magerus