Natural Skin Care

Posted by kspiess at 10:45 AM on Jun 6, 2019



woman-looking-mirror-aesthetics-thumbnail.jpgDull, dry skin, fine lines, and dark spots are only a few of the signs of aging in a woman’s (and man's) skin. From about 30 years old and onward, the body makes less of its own collagen and unfortunately, it starts to show. Is there a way to slow down and maybe even reverse this process without having to inject foreign substances?   There is!  Microneedling is a safe and effective therapy that harnesses the power of your own body to slow down the aging process. 


Microneedling is a therapy that uses a device to make tiny little micro-punctures into the face which in turn tell the body to come and “heal” it.  Once the healing mechanism is engaged, the body sends out more collagen and elastin to reinforce sagging skin.   The depth of the needling is completely controlled during the entire process so there is no risk of scarring or temporary disfiguration.


acne-scars-before-and-after-1.pngDue to the skin healing created from this therapy, another very popular use is for improvement in the appearance of acne scarring. Unfortunately, many patients live with the aftermath of horrific acne as a younger person and there are not many ways to repair the damage.  Microneedling treatments are very effective in helping to smooth out rough scars to result in smoother and glowing skin.  Microneedling can also be used on other scars on the body to improve the appearance and elasticity of the skin. It has been used very effectively on c-section or other surgical scars to reduce their size and appearance.


Some patients choose to enhance their results by adding Platelet Rich Plasma to the therapy. Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP, is extracted from the patient’s own blood by separating the platelets in a special centrifuge to be applied topically during the treatment.  Platelets are little powerhouses of healing!  Think of if you receive a cut on your arm, the platelets rush to the site to create a scab and once the scab comes off, there is beautiful and new skin underneath.  When applied to an area of healing, these platelets send even stronger signals to the body to come and magnify the healing process.

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At Longevity Medical, we use the only FDA approved microneedling device that has 3 safety features that protect against cross-contamination of body fluids between patients.  Other devices can allow blood to escape into the body of the pen or have cartridges that could be re-used.  The SkinPen is the only device on the market that protects patients from potentially being exposed to any infectious disease, such as HIV or hepatitis!


Best results are seen when a series of at least 3-6 treatments are applied about a month apart.  This gives the body a chance to initiate healing and then builds upon each subsequent treatment.  Results can be boosted in the future to maintain a healthy glow.  Each woman is individual and Dr. Magerus meets with each patient to set out a treatment plan to achieve their goals and ensure the best results! Contact Longevity Medical for more information and to schedule your consultation today!


Here is one testimonial from an ecstatic patient!

“My skin was dull, I had fine lines around my mouth and deep laugh lines. I had my first Microneedling experience in September, and I felt quite comfortable throughout the whole procedure, with little or no pain.  Within a couple of days, I saw more youthful looking skin and improvement of fine lines. After my second Microneedling treatment in October, my skin glowed! The fine lines around my mouth and the laugh lines decreased, even more, my pores looked smaller, and my skin seems tighter. After my third Microneedling was in November, my overall skin looks more youthful, my face is glowing and feels extra firm, and the laugh lines are superficial. I am thrilled of how my face and skin looks.  I am impressed with Dr. Magerus’s Microneedling procedures and look forward to my next session.”

~LK  66-year-old woman.