Neural Prolotherapy

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Neural prolotherapy is not typically practiced in conventional medicine; you will however find it in naturopathic medicine. This therapy is found extensively in Europe but is spreading to the US among naturopathic doctors. It is a powerfully effective way to treat pain and injury.


There is a principle called “Hilton’s Law” that says that the nerve that supplies sensation to a joint also supplies sensation to the skin over that joint and the muscles that move that joint. This law suggests that if a nerve is irritated that supplies skin over a joint it may affect (cause pain and change function) the joint or muscles around that joint. By affecting the cutaneous or surface nerves, we can also affect that joint as well. Neural therapy is best know for its use in chronic pain or pain from trauma.


neural prolotherapy

Dermatomes are areas of association to spinal nerves


The procedure is quick and virtually painless, consisting of a series of small injections under the skin in a corresponding dermatome of the affected area. Dermatomes are areas of association to spinal nerves.

Good for treatment of acute and chronic pain (including headaches of different origins), inflammatory responses, poor circulation,?multiple chronic conditions, as well as diseases of the motor system (sciatica, arthritic joint conditions, shoulder or arm syndrome) and sports injuries where it assists in healing. This therapy has no side effects, which makes it safe, but it also has an added benefit in that it stimulates greater blood flow to the area.

The greatest benefit of this therapy is in sports medicine. In the case of injuries to joint, ligament or tendons, sometimes all the body needs is just a little time to heal. This therapy allows some relief from pain while increasing the circulation to the area or joint affected.

The most benefit comes from treating pain syndromes. This condition results from injury and the collection of scar tissue due to that injury. It is not understood as to why this happens but even after the injury has healed the pain involved continues. Some therapies include simply injury to nerve endings that scar after healing. Neural therapy is a great alternative to harsh oral pain medications that can become addicting and tends to cause unpleasant side effects.


Dermatomes are areas of association to spinal nerves

A German neurophysiologist, Albert Fleckenstein, demonstrated that the cells in scar tissue have a different membrane potential from normal body cells, functioning much like a 1.5 volt battery implanted into the body. Whenever a cell has lost its normal membrane potential, ion pumps in the cell wall stop working. This means that abnormal minerals and toxic substances accumulate inside the cell. As a result, the cell loses the ability to heal itself and resume normal functioning.

How it works is a natural substance is injected into the skin at a very shallow depth. These substances vary with each case but can consist of dextrose, which is a sugar. Additional additives can be helpful, such as B12 and Traumeel. Occasionally anesthetic can be added to help increase the electrical potential to surrounding tissue to help relax the area. Anesthetics are known for their ability to change the resting potential of cells.


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Article contributed by Dr. Michelle McConnell