Ozone Therapy for Pain Relief

Posted by kspiess at 3:19 PM on Sep 24, 2019



Ozone therapy has been used extensively in the treatment of musculoskeletal pain for the past 3 decades. Using a quality medical ozone generator, very specific concentrations of ozone are mixed with oxygen to produce the therapeutic gas. Many people think of ozone as harmful since most have only heard if as part of the pollution found in our atmosphere. Breathing ozone is definitely not safe but when used therapeutically as an injection of the gas mixture, side effects are very rare. 


At Longevity Medical, we use ozone therapy in the treatment of chronic musculoskeletal pain.  It has been shown to be effective for knee osteoarthritis/pain, hip bursitis, shoulder pain, back pain, lumbar disk herniation and to improve the pain felt with fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis.  


In orthopedic cases, we use injections of the gas into an area where healing is desired.  This causes a controlled inflammatory reaction.  When the Oxygen/Ozone gas comes into contact with tissue fluids, it reacts to create a slight “nudge” to the system to return to its natural state. This means that it signals the nerves and tissue to start healing in an area where the degeneration has occurred.   This helps to repair partial tendon tears, degrading cartilage and additionally brings blood flow and oxygen to areas where it is lacking. 


Injections of Oxygen/Ozone underneath the skin or into muscle can result in immediate pain relief. Ozone therapy can also be included in traditional or PRP prolotherapy to enhance the healing results.  A recent review by Bocci et al describes the efficacy of an indirect approach of infiltrating paravertebral muscles for low back pain for eliminating pain at up to 80%! 


Most patients need a series of treatments to receive the full benefits of this amazing therapy. Call to schedule with our ozone practitioners to get an individualized treatment plan specific to your pain. 







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