Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) for Pain

Posted by kspiess at 5:18 PM on Sep 28, 2018



Longevity Medical is excited to announce a new therapy they are offering for their patients with chronic osteoarthritis pain!  Most of the pain that patients experience with severe osteoarthritis has to do with the loss of protective cartilage in the joint rather than significant inflammation in the joint itself.  Therapies that focus on maintaining and improving that cartilage are termed "regenerative injection therapies".


OrthoRepair-PRP.jpgWe are now offering in addition to regular prolotherapy treatments, the ability to use platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy into your regenerative injection therapies.  Platelet rich plasma is extracted from your own blood and concentrated using a standardized process to maximize the highest concentration of platelets and minimize any red or white blood cell contamination.  A small amount of this PRP is then injected to your particular area of concern. This platelet rich plasma is well known to release numerous growth factors that respond to tissue injury and initiate and promote the conditions for healing.  


Don’t wait until your joints are Grade IV or “bone on bone” before seeking treatment.  The platelet rich plasma injection (PRP) therapy works best to stabilize the existing structures rather than growing new cartilage to protect the joint. 


ProloImage.jpgRecent study of 22 patients (average age 54.7years) with mild knee pain for an average of 14 months were surveyed with MRI to document the pre-existing cartilage loss and scored on pre-treatment pain and functional disability scales.  Each patient received a single PRP injection and then assessed at 1 week, 3 month, 6 month and 1 year intervals with both subjective improvement scales as well as repeat MRI.  The results were outstanding that not only did the patients still have significant pain relief (66% over baseline) after 1 year; they also showed no progression of their osteoarthritis over the same time frame in 80% of patients.  Previous studies have shown that there is at least “normal” 4-6% of cartilage lost over 12 months in untreated knees.   


This was with a single PRP injection!   Depending on each patient’s individual symptoms and MRI findings, we generally suggest that 3-6 treatments may be needed to get the full benefit. 


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