Regenerative Medicine for Chronic Pain

Posted by kspiess at 2:51 PM on Nov 9, 2018


Chronic osteoarthritis pain is a huge burden on the healthcare system with limited treatment strategies.  Regenerative medicine is an evolving field of medicine that involves the use of substances that will initiate repair and restoration to the area treated.  In our practice, we use a combination of acupuncture, prolotherapy, ozone, platelet rich plasma and/or biologic allograft therapies to help patients get out of pain.


Active adults pain free.pngProlotherapy is the use of a solution to induce a localized response in an area that needs healing.  Many times, old injuries lead to the formation of scar tissue and breakdown of cartilage, also known as osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis leads to pain and limitation in the ability to do the things that we love the most!  Many people feel that they miss out on spending quality time with their children or grandchildren because they are limited by lack of mobility or by severe pain.  Traditionally, this has been treated with anti-inflammatory medications; cortisone injections or surgery, which as we know, have significant limitations.


An exciting new option for severely damaged joints that may be an alternative to surgery is biologic allograft therapy.  Biologic allograft is an injectable therapy derived from birth tissue donated by mothers delivering healthy live birthed babies by Caesarean section.  This product is screened and tested just like any other transplant tissue to ensure safety. Biologic allografts are not “stem cells” in the fact that by themselves, they do not make new tissue.  What they do is stimulate your own cells that are nearby to act like new.  This new field of study is showing more promise than any of the other regenerative therapies!


Stem-Cell-Therapy-cells.jpgWhat are “stem cells” and why would you want to make more of your own?  Stem cells are the most basic building blocks of life that have the ability to make more of themselves or make other specialized tissues like cartilage, bone, muscle or fat.  As we get older the number of new cells we make gets outpaced by how fast our cells are destroyed. This is what leads our bodies to break down and ultimately, this is what we call aging.   This process is accelerated by oxidative stress, depleted nutrient status, DNA damage from environmental toxins as well as the chronic inflammation caused by all of the above!


When we stimulate your own stem cells to act like new cells with biologic allografts, we are turning back the clock and starting a process to repair what we previously thought may not be repairable. 


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Article contributed by Dr. Tracy Magerus