Shocking Cellulite Treatment

Posted by kspiess at 10:30 AM on Aug 31, 2018


Most people are familiar with cellulite, or as it’s known in the medical world gynoid lipodystrophy.  It is characterized by a dimpled appearing skin surface that occurs when there is a thinning of the superficial layer of the skin (the epidermis/dermis layer) and the presence of nodular clusters of fat cells below the skin layer.  All of this combines to cause the dimpled mattress-appearing surface of the skin.  Cellulite most commonly occurs in the thighs and buttocks of post-adolescent women, but it can occur in almost anyone.


Risk factors for cellulite vary widely with body weight, sex, ethnicity, and genetics all possibly playing a role.  More recently systemic inflammation has been suggested as being involved with the development of cellulite as well.



While some risk factors are known it is interesting to know that medical science has not yet figured out exactly how cellulite develops.  Several possible cause of cellulite have been suggested, but none are considered to be definitive at this time.


Suggested Causes of Cellulite:

  1.      Differing structure in the anatomy of the subcutaneous tissue (women vs men)

  2.      Changes in tissue compliance or elasticity.

  3.      Excessive repulsion of water by the area between fat cells causing swelling of the fatty tissue.

  4.      Alterations in the vascular or lymphatic circulation causing a protrusion of fat tissue into the dermal layer.


While the exact reason behind the development of cellulite isn’t yet known, it is agreed upon that structural changes in the skin and subcutaneous tissues are the cause.  

Trying to eliminate or minimize the presence of cellulite can be a challenge.  While healthy lifestyle habits including the consumption of a nutritious diet and regular exercise are helpful, they don’t always promote the elimination of cellulite. 


However, knowing that cellulite is strongly liked with a dysfunction of the connective tissue in the dermis and subcutaneous tissue suggests a potential approach to getting rid of cellulite.  That approach is strengthening the connective tissue.  One new therapy we have brought into Longevity Medical Health Center is called ESWT, or extracorporeal shockwave therapy, and it does just that.  ESWT has been used for decades in the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries and other medical concerns.  The effect of ESWT on cellulite has been investigated and has demonstrated that it is effective in strengthening connective tissues and eliminating cellulite. 


ESWT involves special equipment used to painlessly apply shockwaves into the skin and underlying tissues.  The procedure takes less than 30 minutes and patients usually return twice a week for a total of 6-8 sessions.


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