“Tennis” Elbow Without the Tennis?

Posted by admin at 5:12 PM on Aug 11, 2018



Tennis elbow affects 50% of tennis players during their careers. However, less than 5% of all tennis elbow diagnoses are actually related to playing tennis. The main causes or risk factor is related to any repetitive motions of the elbow, wrists and fingers whether from tennis, golf, baseball, computer/mouse use, gardening or other activities. Overuse leads to inflammation, pain and tenderness usually located on the outside of the elbow. Over time this pain starts to limit every day activities such as getting dressed or even opening containers.


The first line recommendation is to rest the joint and apply ice to reduce inflammation. For most people in an acute situation, this works well. In some patients, however, the tendonitis becomes chronic and needs additional intervention. Prolotherapy is a therapy that uses a small injection of an irritant solution into the problem area to signal the body to heal the area. In most cases, prolotherapy is very effective.


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