Viewing Nature Improves Attention

Posted by admin at 5:39 PM on Aug 11, 2018


Viewing Nature Improves Attention

Improve Attention

Did you know that its possible to improve your ability to concentrate by connecting with nature? Its well established that exposure to nature has a positive effect on a persons executive attention, ie. being able to sustain your attention. It is also well established that experiencing nature can improve the human existence in multiple other ways as well. Reducing stress and anxiety levels and improving a persons ability to stay on task are a couple more positive attributes that nature exposure can provide.


While people should certainly be encouraged to get out and explore the natural world, looking at pictures can help in a pinch. Its amazing that just viewing pictures of nature can produce positive mental health effects. Be proactive and include some pictures of nature in your home or office, or even as your screen saver slide show. Spend a few minutes every hour or so letting nature restore your mental capacity.


Try to make a habit of exploring the outdoors. Even in the city its easy to find a quick escape to nature. Mountain preserves and parks provide an easy access.


Contributed by Dr. Jonathan Psenka