At Longevity Medical we are focused on providing excellent patient care, and while we are not in-network with any insurance companies*, we do try to help our patients use any insurance benefits they may have. We may be able to bill their insurance for Out of Network benefits for many of the services provided at our clinic**.

If patients wish to explore having us bill to their plan, it is a good idea to contact their insurance company and inquire whether or not their plan includes any Out of Network benefits.

Listed below are some helpful questions to ask:

1. Do I have Out of Network benefits?

2. What is my Out of Network deductible and coverage?

3. Is Naturopathic Medicine specifically listed or excluded on my plan?

4. Is a referral required for Naturopathic Medicine to be covered Out of Network?

If looking for Acupuncture

5. Is Acupuncture covered Out of Network if NOT performed by a licensed acupuncturist (LAc)?6. Are there limitations for Acupuncture coverage (specific treatment or diagnosis only)?

*Please note that federally funded programs, such as Medicare, Tricare, and Affordable Care Act policies do not cover services provided by naturopathic physicians, therefore, we are not able to bill such claims or potentially offer all services.

**The above information is provided as a helpful tool. Longevity Medical Health Center cannot guarantee any coverage as determined by your insurance carrier. Please contact your insurance carrier directly if you have any questions related to your coverage.