Bio-Identical hormone replacement (BHRT) is the supplemental use of hormones that have a chemical structure identical to the hormones naturally produced within the human body. BHRT is most often used to treat the symptoms of hormone imbalance, as is frequently encountered in both menopause and it’s male equivalent, andropause. Hormone therapy can also be useful in other situations, such as infertility issues.

Many feel that the use of Bio-Identical hormone replacement may be safer than using synthetically manufactured hormones. Although medical research has not yet fully substantiated this, it inherently makes sense that there would be an advantage to using hormone preparations that are identical to naturally produced hormones versus synthetic ones.

At Longevity Medical our physicians have received special training in therapy methods of bio-identical hormone replacement. Our physicians believe in treating every patient as an individual and identifying each patient’s unique hormone requirements in order to avoid over- or under dosing. Just as having a deficiency of hormones can cause unpleasant symptoms, having excessive amounts can also cause problems. Our doctors are experts in making sure our patients receive the safest and most effective hormone replacement therapy.