Our office has been recognized at the premier center for complementary and alternative allergy treatments since 1985. Over these 25 years we have been providing cutting-edge natural allergy treatments to our patients and we continue to do so today. Our treatments and testing can help to identify and treat allergies of all types, including food allergies, seasonal allergies, as well as environmental allergies and sensitivities.


Sublingual Immunotherapy (SLIT)
This type of natural allergy treatment will re-define the way seasonal and airborne allergies are treated in the future. SLIT therapy eliminates allergies in the same manner that allergy shots do, by retraining the immune system. At Longevity Medical Health Centers we use a customized sublingual immunotherapy system. This allows us to offer a patient-specific allergy desensitization protocols. It is well established that patient specific SLIT therapies are preferred over other types of sublingual immunotherapy, which use a “shot gun” approach to treatment. Sublingual immunotherapy is extremely safe, is very easy to administer, and can be used to treat dander allergies, mold allergies, seasonal allergies, rhinitis, and mild to moderate asthma. For more information on our sublingual immunotherapy program visit seroSLIT.

"My allergies are sooooo much better than they have ever been in my life. What a difference the therapy has made. I’m still careful with foods that irritate and cause my nose to stuff up, but I can have some wine, and some beer, and I can be in Oregon in the spring and still breathe easily. Other pluses for me are the ease of use, the taste and the home dosing. There was no down side for me."


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