Mi-Prostate Score: Mi-Prostate Score is a specialized urine test that incorporates three specific markers that could indicate cancer and studies have shown that the combination is far more accurate than PSA alone. Mi-Prostate Score, or MiPS, tests for the genetic anomaly that occurs in about half of all prostate cancers, an instance of two genes changing places and fusing together. This gene fusion, T2:ERG, is believed to cause prostate cancer. Studies in prostate tissues show that the gene fusion almost always indicates cancer. The new urine test looks for the T2:ERG fusion as well as another marker, PCA3. This is combined with serum PSA measure to produce a risk assessment for prostate cancer. The test also predicts risk for having an aggressive tumor, helping doctors and patients make decisions about whether to wait and monitor test levels or pursue immediate biopsy. Although this test cannot say definitively at diagnosis whether a man has aggressive prostate cancer, it can provide a more accurate estimate of the likelihood of having cancer and the likelihood of that cancer being aggressive.



4K Score: The 4Kscore Test helps clarify a patients specific probability for findingaggressive prostate cancer upon biopsy. These are the aggressive prostate cancers that always require more than active surveillance, but more specific medical treatment or intervention. The 4Kscore Test predicts the risk percent score from <1% to >95% of a man having aggressive cancer in a prospective biopsy.

4K Score FAQ:


Circulating Tumor Cells: Circulating Tumor Cell (CTC) testing is used to monitor metastatic breast, colorectal and prostate cancers. CTCs are cancer cells that detach from solid tumors and enter the blood stream. This simple blood test may be performed prior to the start of therapy and any time during the course of treatment, andhelps us monitor the progression of metastatic cancer and evaluate the effectiveness of treatment.



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