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Dr. Lacey Royer

Women's Health, Hormone Balancing/Replacement, Gut Health‚Äč

Dr. Lacey Royer is a licensed naturopathic doctor who
specializes in women’s medicine, hormone
balancing/replacement, and gut health. Dr. Royer graduated
from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe,
Arizona after graduating at the top of her class with a
Bachelors degree in Molecular Biology, Honors at Portland
State University in Portland, Oregon. During her undergrad
days, she had an internship at the Knight Cancer Institute of
Oregon Health Science University (OHSU) where she
performed research in myeloproliferative disorders and

It was then that Dr. Royer realized that
conventional medicine was not the right career path for her.
After witnessing the lack of options conventional medicine had
to offer when it came to patient treatment and care, she
decided to pursue a career in Naturopathic Medicine.
Naturopathic Medicine has given Dr. Royer the ability to apply
her knowledge of the body on the molecular and cellular level
in treating the whole body- mind, body, and spirit. She believes
that you are not just the sum of your parts and will take the
time to listen to your concerns; building a treatment plan that
addresses the root cause of your concerns.


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