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ExcitaPlus 120 Capsules

ExcitaPlus 120 Capsules
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ExcitaPlus contains N-acetyl-tyrosine as strong support for the catecholamines. It contains Vicia faba, as a source of 3,4-dihydroxyphenylalanine (L-DOPA), the precursor to dopamine. ExcitaPlus also contains an extract of the adaptogen, Rhodiola rosea , as a source of biologically-active rosavins. NeuroScience's Rhodiola is standardized to contain 16% rosavins, which have been found to decrease the effects of stress and fatigue. The semi-essential amino acid histidine is important for the production of histamine, which stimulates the production of ACTH and the release of metabolism enhancing glucocorticoids. ExcitaPlus and TravaCor can be combined in a biphasic regimen to first invigorate and then relax. Available in 120 ct capsules

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